Jorge Garcia, Instructional Technologist & Tinkerer from Chicago

I make, break, and fix things to learn– teaching and consulting on technology along the way.

Most of my efforts today are centered around Makers in Chicago, a tool for directing curious individuals interested in the maker culture around the Chicagoland area. Through this, I am always looking for ways to connect individuals, new and veteraned, connect across Chicago's information silos. I also am available for contract IT services.

Previously, I worked extensively with the Chicago Public Library in mutiple roles. My core responsibility and work was with the CPL Maker Lab and YOUmedia Chicago. I served as Maker Specialist II, Lead CS and Make Mentor respectively. I participated in many special projects including, Digitization of Special Collections, VR Working Group, creating Learning Circles, leading a Human Center Design team around Staff Development, and worked closely with administatrive staff to support innovative library programming around emerging and leading technology. I took a leave in June of 2019 to return to school and seek new experiences.

Before the Library, I lead an Intro to Web Design workshop at Discovery Center and freelance designed web content for multiple clients who used the CrystalCommerce platform while I managed a small business selling secondhand-market Magic the Gathering for casual and professional players and hosting competitive events. I've also worked in training roles at MicroCenter and Radioshack before that.

To best reach me, shoot me an email at