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  • JORGE - Spanish and Portuguese form of GEORGE.
    • GEORGE - English, Romanian From the Greek name Γεωργιος (Georgios), which was derived from the Greek word γεωργος (georgos) meaning "farmer, earthworker", itself derived from the elements γη (ge) "earth" and εργον (ergon) "work".
  • YORICK - Literature, English, and Dutch altered form of JØRG. Shakespeare used this name for a deceased court jester in his play 'Hamlet' (1600).
    • JØRG - Danish and Norwegian short form of JØRGEN.
      • JØRGEN - Danish and Norwegian form of JÜRGEN.
        • JÜRGEN - Low German form of GEORGE.
          • GEORGE - English, Romanian



Chicago Public Library – February 2013 to July 2019

CPL Maker Lab - Maker Specialist II – 2013-2019
Senior lab specialist leading special projects and new library initiatives. Facilitation of library programming, professional development for staff, outreach events, media representation, data reporting, advise on hardware and software updates. Day-to-day duties including but not limited to; maintenance of digital fabrication machines, creating documentation, assisting patrons through design and fabrication, designing and leading workshops, providing one-on-one assistance for people seeking to improve digital literacy skills.

YOUmedia Chicago - Lead Mentor – 2016-2019
Mentor teens particularly in the topics of computer science and maker skills. Create and facilitate certification processes for using equipment like 3D printers, plotters, and robotics kits. Develop a foundation of tools to enable teens to explore interests such as computer hardware, microprocessors, computer programming, virtual reality, and more.

Cyber Navigator – 2013
Aid patrons develop and improve digital literacy skills by helping them tackle a range of individual technological obstacles or facilitate their explorations into software applications and processes for content creation.

Library Page – 2013-2017
Help sort, retrieve, and shelve books plus clerical work on the circulation desk.


CPL’s Special Collection Harold Washington Sculpture Digitization
MakersinChicago.org and @makersinchicago
MIT Media Lab’s SPINTiffany Tseng's Original


CPL Maker Lab Ambassador
CPL Foundation’s Night at the Stacks – 2016, 2017, 2018
Pocket Con – 2014, 2015, 2016
LakeFX – 2015, 2016

Scratch & Finch
Make Take Teach Fair – 2016
Southside Chicago Mini Maker Fair – 2014, 2015, 2016
1000k Opportunities – 2015
Illinois Hispanic Business Expo – 2015
MIND Research Institute Math Fair – 2015
Gates Foundation HOMAGO at CPL – 2014
Google’s Geek Street – 2015
Tomorrow’s Technology Today – 2017, 2018

Media Appearances
Around Town (WGN) - West Loop YOUmedia/STEM Resources
Chicago Tonight (WTTW) – CPL
You & Me (WCUI) – Geek Street/Finch
Around Town (WGN) – Chinatown Branch Circulating Tech/Finch
Nerdologues (Podcast) – Maker Lab
Pop Up Youth Radio (Podcast) – Maker Lab/Finch
Gadget Guide (Chicago Tribune) – Reviewer

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Hackaday Flickerings — In the Gloam
The Over Examined Life Alexandra Franzen
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