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Developed a website with a curated directory of Chicagoland maker organizations

Makers in Chicago

@makersinchicago on Twitter

Twitter account promoting Chicago maker events and members

Learning Experiences

✶ P2PU Learning Circles in the Maker Lab

✶ Scratch & Finch

Links to: Docs

Learning Materials for Finch Robots workshops held regularly at CPL's Maker Lab

Scratch and Finch Scratch and Finch

✶ Assesing Computational Thinking in Maker Activities 2017

Link to: Youtube Video



✶ The Voight Kampft Test and Apparatus

Designed a terminal based game and hardware controller for Night at the Stack 2019

Voight Kampff Test Voight Kampff Test Voight Kampff Test

✶ VR for Library Programming

✶ VR Stations at YOUmedia

✶ Gaming PCs for Libraries

✶ Mix-Materials Making in the Stacks

✶ Scratch at CPL Outreach

Maker Faires, TV, and more!

Scratch and Finch

Research Work

✶ DICOM to 3D Print via for Clinical Study

Link to: PDF

Skull Skull Skull Skull

✶ What's In Your Water?


✶ Digitizating Harold Washingston's Bust

Link to: Post

Photogrammetry of Abelardo Ghoulam's Harold Washington portrait bust.

HW Bust

✶ What's in your Water?



Link to: Original

Link to: Demo video

Modified replication of Tiffany Tseng's MIT Media Lab project, SPIN. An automated lazy susan with app integration for creating product GIFs.

Spin Spin Spin Spin

My modification to be able to use it without the app.

Spin Spin

✶ The Game of Life - Java

Creating the Game of Life within Java

✶ Raspberry Pi Zero Mixed Materials Enclosure

Creating a custom enclosure with a variety of digital fabrication tools including a water jet cutter.

Mixed-Berry Pi Mixed-Berry Pi Mixed-Berry Pi Mixed-Berry Pi

✶ micro:bit Mixed Materials Name Badge

Mixed-Berry Pi Mixed-Berry Pi